Thursday, November 27, 2014

Scenes around Las Vegas

Some pictures from around sunny downtown Las Vegas:

No desire to eat at the Heart Attack Grill, but it's a curious place:

The Praying Mantis at the Container Park - seen in the evening with torches flaring!

John discovered that the World Series of Poker final table was going on while we were there.  We were curious whether we could get in - and we could, cool!  We arrived Tuesday evening when there were 3 players remaining.  It was pretty fascinating watching it live:

We were even more excited to be there for the final hand - and it was over, celebration!

Confetti everywhere!

Another evening - watching the Rock and Roll Marathon.  It took place in the dark, starting on The Strip and running through downtown.  We hung out with a fun band for a while and cheered on the runners:

Meb Keflezighi was running with one of the half marathon pace groups, neat!  It wasn't easy to spot him though:

The same group coming back the other way - this time I captured the "Meb" sign but still not the actual guy.  Oh well, it was fun knowing he was there:

The split in the course where the half marathoners went back down The Strip and the marathoners ran through the Fremont Street Experience:

One of the quieter evenings on Fremont Street:

Must have been fun to race through, twice:

And finally, some scenes from "near Las Vegas" - at Red Rock Canyon.  We camped there for a week and did a bit of hiking.  These are from our day going up Turtlehead Peak:

Beautiful desert:

Love the rocks and interesting trails there:

Even better scenery as we climbed up:

And the top!  With Vegas in the background, a nice finale to our time in the area before heading further west...

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