Friday, May 1, 2015

DC Fun

And now for a post with more pictures (and maybe more importantly - fewer words!)

John and I are in the DC area for a few days.  It started with Dave suggesting we all fly out for a race this weekend, so we'll be in the Virginia woods trying to find orange checkpoint flags if anyone is looking for us.  A happy addition to the trip was a couple days with Kathy and Bob, yay!

Fun yard art on our way to lunch at Mark's Kitchen:

Flowers at the National Park Seminary:

Interesting restored architecture, including a pagoda - ?

Beautiful tulips at Brookside Gardens:

Amazing colors - it must be springtime!

Requisite silly selfie:

We haven't been to the Air and Space Museum (the one on the Mall) in many years, so this seemed like a fun choice for a rainy day.  I was so excited to see the Spirit of St Louis, right there in the lobby being restored.  I've read a couple books lately that included the story of Lindbergh's crossing of the Atlantic, and it was awe-inspiring to see the actual plane he flew in:

Top-down view, with Space Ship One and Bell-X also in the restoration:

He he - doesn't quite make up for the Enterprise not being here, but still funny:

Rover head!  This is a mock-up of Curiosity, in fact the one that was part of the most recent inauguration parade that we saw with Kathy and Bob:

Part of Up Goer Five (fire comes out here):

Moon lander:

Pretty butterflies that Kathy spotted:

John and Bob relaxing in front of the fireplace:

Thanks for a wonderful fun couple of days, Kathy and Bob!

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