Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Yellowstone part 1

Yellowstone with Mom!

We spent the first day and a half gawking at animals and geysers.  Madison Campground was a nice base for exploring on the western side of the park.

Starting with the drive in from West Yellowstone, a little animal watching alongside the Madison River:

We spotted a huge bird walking around in a distant field, no idea what it was until we walked into the visitor center and saw this photo greeting us.  Sandhill cranes are cool.

Mom's first "Old Faithful" waiting session:

Always amazing!

The Firehole River running through the geyser basin:

A photo of a bus driver who stopped to take a photo of a bison.  I'm pretty sure the bison was like, "whatever dude, haven't you seen the other 4000 of us roaming around here?"  Bison are cool.

Quite probably the Biscuit Basin boardwalk (a lot has happened since I took these pictures so the details are a hazy):

Hot springs and thermal features galore:

Misty morning:

Surreal landscapes:

Beautiful pools:

Pretty bluebird:

Can never get enough of the various colors and photogenic geysers:

The rare and mysterious John Tree:

Bubbling springs:

More colors!

Morning Glory, one of our favorites:

More geysers along the river:


I'm partial to Grotto Geyser and its almost-constant loud and emphatic spewing of water in all directions:

We happened upon Riverside Geyser about when it was scheduled to "go off".  So we decided to wait.  And wait.  I guess we should keep waiting?  While we were waiting, this guy wandered along (looking for a shower?):

For a moment we wondered whether the bison could predict the geyser eruption, but no, the animal kept moving along.  So we waited some more.

Somewhere in the range of 2 hours later (geyser gazing won't become a hobby of mine, but it was fun for a day) - this happened!

Yay for Riverside Geyser!


Everyone stopped watching the geyser and stood transfixed looking at the bear ambling along across the river:

A young grizzly, we think?  So very cool.

That - was - awesome.

Not caught on camera - Spa Geyser surprise-erupted right in our faces as Mom and I were rounding the corner.  Funny!  and crazy!

John checking the water temperature of one of the pools.  If you have a temperature gun, definitely bring it to Yellowstone.

Anemone Geyser with it's interesting little cycle, and Old Faithful Inn (also amazing) in the background:

Phew, that was quite an excellent start!  Yellowstone is very, very cool.

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