Monday, May 25, 2015

On the way to Yellowstone

We have been out of range of most social media for a couple weeks, but it was totally worth it.  Not just seeing so many amazing things at Yellowstone, but especially for spending 2 awesome weeks with Mom.  What a joy!

I'm pretty far behind in everything, but here's a start - way back when we were still in California earlier this month.  We were driving across toward Nevada when we took a quick midday break for a run.  On the Western States course at No-Hands Bridge, very cool!

A little waterfall in the last few miles of the course:

Yep, that's the trail:

Our kind of sign:

At the California Trail Interpretive Center in Nevada - something about this quote called to me:

Lovely statue and architecture:

John rockin' the bonnet:

Topography of the great basin in the middle of Nevada - not a flat basin, actually rolling hills and much of it quite pretty.  We learn new things every time we drive across a state we haven't really seen before:

Mom has arrived!  We picked her up in Salt Lake City and drove to Idaho for the night.  In honor of our campsite in Pocatello, we bought a "poco Nutella":

And so the fun begins!

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