Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Breakaways tour near Coober Pedy

We booked a tour with George, the guy that runs our campground in Coober Pedy, to see some nearby sights.  George told us a bunch of stories about the town, the history, things we wouldn't have otherwise heard (quite entertaining), and we saw things in places our Jucy couldn't go (no driving on dirt).

Not normally part of the tour, but John expressed a desire to see the local golf course, so George helped us out.  The only green part of the course is on the tee, and yes, this is a real golf course that people play:

Love it!  There is a true sense of humor in Coober Pedy.

An opal mining hole:

Strange landscape - apparently you aren't allowed to refill the holes since that would leave dangerous soft sand instead of hard ground for the next prospector.  So there are piles of dirt and holes in the ground for miles in all directions.  No telling how much opal was found here:

The Breakaways, a beautiful area of many lovely colors:

George told us that the game trails are made by kangaroos (not your Texas cow paths here).  All be darned, we even saw a couple roos during our drive around, very cool.  They were too quick for a photo this time.

Thanks for taking our picture, George!

Pretty landscape:

More bright colors:

Fun formations (geology rocks):

We didn't see the sunset for the clouds, but we did get several moments of stunning lighting beforehand:

Checking out the Dog Fence, built to keep dingoes away from the sheep to the south.  It's the world's longest fence:

Certainly looks pretty long from here (didn't see any dingoes though):

George explained that some of the posts are still the originals from maybe 100 years ago?  Not sure I'm remembering that right, but it seemed pretty amazing:

Petrified wood amid a barren landscape, didn't expect to find that here:

The "Moon Plain," the area that has been compared to Mars (so perhaps it should be renamed).  Didn't see any rovers but you could certainly imagine one:

A break for hot tea and cookies - and our first exposure to Tim Tam cookies, yum!

A big beautiful sky as the sun went down...

Thank you George, that was fun!

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