Monday, August 22, 2016

Roaming around Adelaide

We had a day to explore Adelaide before a race on the weekend.  Fun city!  We loved that there is a huge continuous loop of parkland around the whole downtown.  Free buses to get around.  Nice size for sightseeing, friendly people, good food.  We were charmed.

Like Melbourne, there's an excellent market that opens early, so we started there.  Love this mural near one of the entrances:

Another amazing painting on the wall:

Wandering through the aisles - we returned later to pick up a few things and there were many more people by then:

First I love the word "breaky" but also a "very epic veggie breaky slider" sounds amazing:

Quick walk through one of the free museums (next time we'll spend more time in them).  We did see a meteorite that landed in Western Australia:

A photograph John happened to notice that was taken by Frank Hurley of Shackleton's expedition:

Another funny description of exactly how to use a toilet:

Interesting - and delicious - tour of Haigh's chocolate factory:

Architecture that reminded us of New Orleans balconies:

Malls Balls sculpture:

Adorable grilled cheese food truck:

This little pig went to the market...

This little pig is checking out the bronze trash (and the one in the back has a rider):

That weekend while I was running in circles, John had some time to go for a walk and see a few more things.  Nice statue of an Australian Rules Football player at the Adelaide Oval:

Would be fun to watch a game here (and try to figure out those "Rules"):

Lovely fountain in the river that runs through downtown:

Another view of the river:


"It's so good to see you here" - why thank you!

Adelaide is most excellent.

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