Sunday, August 21, 2016

Victoria to Adelaide

It was a quiet morning at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve - the perfect time for wildlife watching.

Another koala!  I will never tire of looking at these furry creatures.  This one stayed awake long enough for a "action shot", or what qualifies as one in the life of a koala:

And... back to sleep...

Plenty of kangaroos to admire.  I don't get the whole "spending your life leaning forward" idea, but I sure would love some strong hind legs like those.  And maybe a tail to help me balance.

To complete the trifecta - an emu wandering around the grounds, now that's a large bird:

Jucy in the jungle:

More roos:

Momma with a joey!  I literally said, "my life is complete."

Back on the road, just driving along, when we spotted a fence covered in shoes, boots, and other footwear, stretching at least 200 meters along a field.  Even a pair of swim fins.  Weird!

Mount Gambier had several interesting diversions (including an excellent pie shop, should have gotten a photo of that too).  Here is the prettiest sinkhole I have ever seen:

The town embraced it, turned it into a garden, and added walking paths down to the bottom.  Very cool.

The other sinkhole in town, not quite as impressive but still something to ponder:

The lovely Blue Lake south of town:

That's all the time we had for stops along the way.  Next up = Adelaide...

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