Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Chico and a return to Texas

And now for a bit of randomness to move us forward in time...

After hearing good things about Chico, we decided to spend a night there, which also gave us a chance to take the Sierra Nevada brewery tour.

We were lucky to get to see their locally-grown hops, a small crop that they grow on site for a limited release, that's pretty cool:

A photo of the hops being harvested:

The lab at the brewery - not a bad gig if one were a chemistry major:

Lots of solar on the roof:

The bottling and kegging plant:

My favorite part - the tasting portion of the tour:

Love the bike racks here:

Oh look, that's where the hops were grown:

We continued on from Chico down to San Jose, settled in, and then flew to Texas.  Just a few quick scenes from the Lone Star State.

Thanks, Waffle House!

I ran a 50K at Tyler State Park, fun one!  Here's the start:

3rd place, pretty excited about that:

Let's do!  (at Cafe Brazil, our new favorite place to eat in Dallas/Fort Worth)

Out on a walk in the woods with our friend Suzanne and her 5 dogs, somehow none of them ended up in the picture she took:

Yay Danny!

Fun sign at our favorite tamale place, Tamale Addiction:

John's dad got roped into being the grand marshal for a parade, so our sister-in-law made him a hat (thanks Kathy!):

Lots of fun visits with family and friends in Texas!

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