Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Laramie Daze - midweek update

Orienteering isn't generally all that exciting to write about. We both have had some good moments, some confused moments, and some embarrassing moments of running the wrong way in front of a crowd of people. Luckily it's all for training (so far!). This morning was a fun "One-man relay" where everyone did 4 loops of about 1.5 km each, in different orders, criss-crossing paths and finding 16 points in the woods.

We met up with Boris from the US orienteering team again - John first met him at the 5 Jours de France several years ago, he stayed with us a couple nights and came to watch the Tour de France on L'Alpe d'Huez with us, and then we caught up with each other at the Jukola in Finland in 2006. It's fun meeting fellow orienteers (albeit at different level of abilities) all around the world.

The other fun activity recently was clambering around on some interesting rocks:

This weekend is the US championships, where we will attempt to finish 10 km on Saturday and 15 km (!) on Sunday in under 3 hours. John is fast enough if he is reasonably accurate, hopefully I will have enough accuracy and speed in my legs to finish, especially on Sunday. We shall see - in any case, I'm sure we'll learn something!
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