Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Upcoming schedule

One of our friends recently asked where we are going this month, next month, the rest of the year. In case anyone else is also curious, here is what is currently on our plate:

Laramie Daze orienteering - August 4-10
Denver to chill and recover and taper - August 11-15
Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon - August 16,17
Driving back to Texas, staying in Frankston for a couple days - August 18-22
Volunteering at the Too Cool No Sweat race - August 23-24
In Austin ever-so-briefly - August 24-26
Flying to Geneva - August 26-27
GTA race across the Alps - August 31 to September 13
Driving around Europe for some random sightseeing - Sept 14-25
Flying back to Austin and collecting Howie out of storage - Sept 25
GUR race in Austin - Oct 5
Assisting Kip at the Pain in the Pines race in Tyler - Oct 25
GUR race in Las Vegas - Nov 8
Bandera trail races, Big Chill adventure race - January 2009
Mogollon Rim 24-hour rogaine - May 2009
(updated 8/11/08)

We plan to be in the Austin area this fall/winter/spring - that's as far as I think I know at this point. We're working up ideas for next summer, perhaps driving east to visit friends and family and to seek out some puffins...

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