Monday, August 4, 2008

RMNP - photos

Photo upload is working again (must have been all that skilled troubleshooting that got it to suddenly behave...)

So without further ado, here are the promised photos.

Deer or something, at the Boulder Field on the way up to Longs Peak:

We made it up Longs Peak! Just in time for a bit of snow and dark clouds:

View of Longs Peak after the clouds departed and I was much lower down:

King of the Mountain:

Bighorn sheep "hiding" among the rocks on the Twin Sisters:

View down the Twin Sisters trail back to the west:

The very-pretty Alluvial Fan waterfalls:

See that big rock and how it could come down at any minute?

John and Danny on the hike up the Alluvial Fan waterway:

View of Emerald Lake from the Flattop Mountain Trail:

Alberta Falls:

The area surrounding Black Lake:

Andrews Glacier (later that same day John witnessed some people sliding down it from above, including one woman who apparently slid into the rocks and hurt herself somewhat):

View down from Andrews Glacier:

Our Tumbleweeds campground at Curt Gowdy SP in Wyoming :)
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