Monday, August 25, 2008

Packing up

We're getting everything together to fly out tomorrow. We're heading to Geneva by way of Newark and hoping for a good movie or two over the Atlantic.

Today's exciting events included the chance to see the Daily Show for about the second time this summer and watching "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story." Both were excellent viewings with significant laughter.

We dropped Howie off at the storage place :( We'll miss you!

Last night we ate at Kerbey Lane with Kip, Jason, and Sheila. Sweet potato fries, yum.

So that's the really mundane stuff. But it's all I got at the moment, and it's also probably the last chance for much blogging for about a month.

Don't expect any mid-race updates from the GTA, but I'll try to post something after it's over to let everyone know how it turns out. Here's hoping for healthy knees (and the rest of us as well).

Have an awesome month of September and we'll shout atcha later!
-Marcy and John


Sheila said...

Would the GTA have a website which might give updates on runners? If so, please post the url so we can follow your progress. Good luck, safe travels and have an awesome race you two!

Sheila TB

Sheila said...

Did she just call me mundane :0

Have a great race.

Kipley Fiebig said...

Sheila: Very unlikely, as this event is for kind of a small field and doesn't seem to have a lot of technical support. But just in case I'm wrong, the website for the GTA is here (and in French!):

Good luck, Marcy and John!

Run Amok said...

Other Sheila: Yes :-)

MJ, GL and CYL at the GUR PDQ after the GTA.