Monday, October 6, 2008

Great Urban Race - Austin

Last week was mostly spent preparing for the Great Urban Race, Austin edition. We were racing with several friends on other teams, hoping to get everyone qualified for the championships in Las Vegas next month.

John and I did a bit of biking around town to look for things we haven't seen before, such as this sabertooth cat:

The race itself went really well. Our lack of speed training didn't seem to affect us too badly. I tried to avoid unnecessary hills, while John tried to remind me that our bodies are used to running up mountains lately. Well, I didn't run UP any mountains, maybe he did :)

We got to the finish line first, in possibly our quickest urban race time ever (about 1:09). We didn't cross the line until all our friends had finished, to give them every possible chance to qualify for Vegas. And everyone did! So we're all very excited. We actually got the chance to cross the line together with Kip and Dave, so that made it extra fun.

Another exciting day of urban racing!
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