Friday, June 19, 2009

I LoVermont

Driving back from Maine to Vermont, we stopped in Gorham, NH with the thought that we might climb up Mt Washington (NH high point). However, cold rain thwarted us, we didn't want to pay to drive up the toll road for no views at the top, and we decided we'll just have to come back someday and spend several days hiking in the White Mountains. Next time!

Moose near the road! I never saw a moose when I was growing up in Vermont, but now there are plenty of them around.

And bears! Oh my.

We stopped at a place called the Dog Chapel - very interesting!

Renee and John in the dog door at the chapel:

Will give blood for movie tickets (a genius idea):

John messing around with his blood donor paraphernalia:

Renee is a cool dog:

Vermont sightseeing is yummy!

We spent some time on the Long Trail this week, including climbing Camel's Hump near Waterbury. Luckily we had good weather for a couple days. Nothing like the Long Trail to make me feel like a slooooow trail runner. NOT an easy trail to move quickly along (rocks, roots, mud, lots of fun).

View from Camel's Hump:

It was a bit windy:

Backside view of the mountain:

John was a little worn out afterwards:

Another Long Trail day, enjoying a Nature Valley Dark Chocolate & Nut bar (our new favorite snack):

Another way to the top!

We're flying back to Phoenix tomorrow and heading up to Mesa Verde for a couple days. Internet access TBD...
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