Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ever since John and I tracked down an elusive flock of puffins (intriguing birds!) in Scotland in 2006, I have been wondering if I would ever see another one. When I found out they come to the western Atlantic coast as well, I knew we'd have to make a trip to Maine. We booked a tour with Bold Coast to Machias Seal Island - and it is a birding trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in sea birds.

Maine coastal weather can be fickle, and we had to wait an extra day for a large front to clear out. It was totally worth the wait - a beautiful sunny day, calm seas, and a ton of birds.

Cutler Harbor where we started the boat ride out to the island 10 miles away:

Mom was as excited as I was:

On Machias Seal Island, waiting our turn to go to the bird blinds and see the puffins up close:

Up close puffin view right outside the blind! There are puffin and razorbill burrows under every possible rock, it seemed, and the birds walked and flew all around us:

Puffins on a rock:

Puffins in the air:

Contentment :)

A bunch of murres flying away from the island:

Our "island transfer vehicle" on tow, with Machias Seal Island in the background:

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