Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Maine event

Our days in New England are almost over for this year, sad to say. We are really enjoying visiting our parents and seeing some sights.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find excellent Sprint card access at my parent's house in Waterbury. No excuse for not catching up on some blogging - well, except that we've been on the go, keeping everyone busy, even getting in a bit of running training.

We started with a driving tour to the Maine coast - Kip and I haven't been since we were wee ones. First stop... Camden, ME.

Renee enjoying an apple core in the van:

Quaint little downtown (there were restaurants with excellent seafood of all types!):

We took a short trip on a sailboat and John got to help set up the sails and rigging:

Renee was a hit with the kids:

A nearby lighthouse:

Sea dog:

Sea dog:

The Maine coast (which was surprisingly hard to find - the main travel roads mostly stay inland because of the peninsular topography) and John doing ... something:

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