Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mesa Verde - Chapin Mesa

We spent all day Tuesday within Mesa Verde NP in the Chapin Mesa area. There is A LOT to see and do.

We started with a tour of spectacular Cliff Palace:

It sits near the top of a deep canyon:

The front of our large tour group:

Climbing up to Balcony House (the "Indiana Jones" tour - fun!):

Balcony House kiva:

These used to be rooms in the Balcony House:

Balcony House as seen from the Soda Canyon viewpoint:

Biker Bear:

Spruce Tree House:

Inside an enclosed kiva at Spruce Tree House:

On the Petroglyph trail (Spruce Canyon trail was also enjoyable):

Square Tower House:

Cliff Palace from across the canyon:

Quite the place to visit! And we haven't yet seen the sights on Wetherill Mesa - probably tomorrow.
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