Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bryce Canyon NP - part 1

Bryce Canyon National Park was awesome - we "communed with the hoodoos" on a couple trail runs, took a bus tour, and camped in the chilly autumn-like high-elevation air. I've tried to cull down our multitude of photos but I still feel the need to break this into two parts.

So, here is part 1, from day 1.

Sunrise at Bryce Point (yeah, I can get up early when there is a compelling reason to):

Sneak attack in the Visitor's Center - and watch out for the fox!

Crazy rock formations, aka "hoodoos":

We ran on the Queen's Garden, Navajo, and Peekaboo trails - what a fun set of trails!

Selfie practice:

Lots of pretty colors:

This makes John sad:

A bit of canyoneering practice :)


Isn't this incredible?

More funky shapes:

Moon over the hoodoos:

Tall trees growing in deep canyons:


Thor's Hammer:

Continuing ahead, on the Peekaboo Trail now:

Hi John!

Wall of Windows:

John heading up the trail:

Love these amphitheaters:

Twinkle Toes! A favorite tree of the park rangers:

Stir fry! A favorite meal of Marcy and John :)

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