Monday, October 4, 2010

Cedar Breaks NM/driving to Bryce

Howdy all!

Time for one last series of "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" photos. John is taking a solar class, so we're hanging out in Colorado for the week before returning home to Austin. I should get a full Desert Winds race report written while he's in class. In the meantime, Kip has posted a bunch of race photos that Bob took - check them out by clicking here.

In the week since the end of the race, John and I managed to see a few additional (and wonderful) places in Utah. We will miss this state and its amazing scenery.

First stop - Cedar Breaks National Monument:

It's a big bowl-shaped valley with interesting erosion patterns and fun colors in the limestone:

John posing with a very old (1600 year-old?) bristlecone pine tree - he said it makes him feel young:

Neat fins and formations:

A nice view off toward Cedar City in the distance:

A tree trying to hang on before being "eroded" off the edge of the rim:

We saw lots of colorful aspen trees while driving in that area and then toward Bryce Canyon. We have never been in Colorado in the fall to see the aspens change colors. They sure are pretty!

John looking off at Zion NP in the distance - ah, memories! We have more "Utah canyoneering" plans for future visits - and would love to have other people along, just let us know!

We found a lava field next to the road, and John reminded me that we have managed to clamber around on top of lava fields each of the past 3 years now. Nice that we didn't have to break the streak this summer!

Howie in the aspens:

Aspens over the lava field:

I almost match the tree colors:

At least John managed to get HIMSELF in focus :)

Next up: Fun at Bryce Canyon
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