Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kodachrome / 10th Anniversary

We spent our 10th anniversary remembering our wonderful Vermont wedding and (since we're not much for just sitting and thinking) visiting Kodachrome Basin State Park near Bryce. John suggested a theme of "10" for the day, so you may see it in some of these photos...

For example, a selfie with a spire:

This way to John:

A fun overlook trail:

What it overlooks:

The Kodachrome colors:

Shadow fun:

More overlooks:

Look, it's sandstone again! I like sandstone. Still doesn't mean I can climb it:

This photo was taken from a different (boring) angle in reality, but I liked how it showed up on my computer so I left it like this :)

Smooching rocks:

We may have to change from our slogan from "Home is where the Howie is" to this:

Roadside color:

Starting a run on the west side of the park:

More chimney spires - how come the geology keeps changing completely everywhere we go?

It gets real windy here sometimes, apparently:

Black Bear Geyser:

This one is pretty big:

Scenery on the east side:

I was working on selfie practice and somehow captured a 3rd person in the picture?? Oh, and that's an arch in the background:

We weren't sure what to make of this:

Sandstone rates a "10":

Another stubborn tree:

Love the colors in this park:

Finishing our last hike of the day:

We ate the pizza too quickly to get a photo, but here is our dessert (notice I wasn't letting go of the - 2 - forks in order to hold up 10 fingers!):

Thank you for an incredible ten years, John, I love you! Here's to 10 more good ones :)
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