Friday, October 8, 2010

Petrified Goblin Reef??

Our last full day in Utah... we woke up at Bryce and headed east on a wonderful scenic drive. We made several neat stops along the way and I took too many photos as usual.

First up, Petrified Forest State Park, with a ton of petrified wood lying around near the trail:

We were amazed at all of the colors infused in the pieces:

At first I was afraid, I was petrified...

The most spectacular specimen at the end of the trail:

Scenes from our drive along routes 12 and 24 toward Capitol Reef:

We drove down the scenic drive in Capitol Reef National Park:

Not sure how this rock is still hanging on:

Harvey went out on a joyride! He has been a caged monkey for too long.

Interesting jaguar face:

Navajo sandstone dome:

Continuing east (because the campground was full), we found more great scenery along the way. Mancos shale on the way to Hanksville:

And because we couldn't resist heading into Goblin Valley State Park (we were passing so close to it anyway), we stopped at the overlook to eat dinner and watch the evening shadows over the goblins:

Hi John!

Don't squish Howie:

A parting shot - sunset over Howie and the Goblins:

Yep, it's true - Utah Rocks!
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