Thursday, March 13, 2014

Highest place in Georgia

As we drove across the northern part of Georgia, it was only a slight detour to the road up toward Brasstown Bald, the high point of the state.  We parked our travel trailer, Howie, in the small lot at the bottom and drove up the winding road to the huge parking lot near the top.  My Achilles/calf was feeling a lot better, but this was not the time to test it with a long hike.  It was highly fortuitous that we could get almost to the top of this mountain in the truck.

The little store/ranger station at the start of the paved trail to the top:

Here we go!

Quite the lookout tower at the top:

The views were excellent in all directions:

Just a lovely day:

Obligatory selfie:

It's a distinctive highpoint, to be sure:

A few more photos on our Georgia highpoint webpage:

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