Thursday, March 13, 2014


Looking for places to train in the Southeast, I received a really good suggestion to check out Panthertown in southern North Carolina.  John joined me for several hours of fun - here he is checking out the map before getting going:

Hmm, a powerline cut, maybe I should train a little on that...

Looking for a "way through" the thorny plants:

Not so certain how useful this is, but it was a good reminder of some of the less-nice places we have gone orienteering:

The woods had low thorny vegetation, but it was easier than the powerline (especially with orienteering gaiters - or jeans).

Lower down near the creek we found a jungle of rhododendron and some really neat trails through it:

Reminded us of hiking in Hawaii!

The waterfalls were pretty:

John heading over for a better look:

Or maybe some sunshine:


Another good day in the woods.

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