Saturday, May 10, 2014

Advocate Harbour

We spent three quiet, lovely days/nights at a chalet in Advocate Harbour near Cape Chignecto.  We loved the place so much, I should have taken a photo of the chalet (Driftwood Park Retreat) but forgot to.

The beach stretching from our home-away-from-home toward the cape:

Red rocks and green trees:

View back toward town and Cape d'Or:

John and I went for a long run on park trails, up and down through the woods and across inlets.  We had a good time checking out the views:

One of the inlet crossings:

Dark and pretty forest:

Mill Brook:

A walk in the (occasionally muddy) woods:

Looking out toward Ile Haute in the distance:

Refugee Cove - a summertime kayak destination:

Surfer Man:

More scenery across the bay:

Near the tip of the cape, checking out the erosion of the cliffs:

We made it!  I would have liked to continue around the loop, but didn't feel like we quite had enough time to try that, so we reversed course and went back the same way.

A large piece of land that looks like it will be sliding off the side of the cliff in the near future... the size of the land chunk and the distinct "fault line" were fascinating.

Also the fact that it is taking out part of the trail...

John wanted to wait around to see it happen, but I wanted to get back for supper.

He eventually tore himself away and we started back:

How do we keep ending up running in snow??  Sorry hun.

Looking back toward the cape, as the tide is going out:

Effects of the cliff erosion on the trees:

Interesting piece of washed up trash (apparently stuff comes in even from Maine sometimes):

The next day we drove around to check out the Three Sisters formation with Mom and Renee.  A view down to a valley nearby:

The best view of the Three Sisters that we could get from the trail.  It was nice, quiet, remote, but we're glad we also saw the Hopewell Rocks from the point of the view of the ocean floor.

It was a nice walk and a pleasant day:

Another vantage point:

John found a better view for us:

Back at the valley, watching the tide come up and quickly swallow sandbars and the mouth of the little creek.  Ducks were playing in the water, possibly finding food amid the tidal action.

Back at Advocate Harbour, at low tide when the whole harbor has drained out to sea - crazy:

Boats waiting for the water to come back:

What a wonderful, relaxing time for walking, exploring, enjoying the bay.

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