Friday, May 16, 2014

Last day in Nova Scotia

Time to start for home... too bad, we really enjoyed our days amid the Canadian natural wonders and awesomely friendly people!

From Halifax we started with a short drive to Peggy's Cove.  Along the way we discovered that that tourist season had just begun - two buses also going to Peggy's Cove:

Sure is a beautiful spot!

Love the rocks along the shore:

A fishing boat at work:

Checking out a breaker just offshore:

It really is a lovely place:

Driving across the lower part of Nova Scotia toward Digby, we stopped for a walk at Kejimkujik National Park.  We found a river with some fun-looking rapids:

Special test apparatus?

We had planned to walk on the trail on the other side of the river, but the bridge had not been reinstalled for the summer yet:

Bridge pieces waiting in the woods:

Back in the car, getting on the ferry to sail over to St John:

Cruising toward the bay:

Another fishing boat, presumably delivering more yummy seafood to shore (Digby scallops are excellent!):

So long, Canada - we had a wonderful trip!

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