Saturday, May 17, 2014

NYC with Lindy - part 1

Next phase of our "across-the-country travel" = taking the train down to New York City!  We met up with our niece Lindy and got to show her around the city for a few days.  She had seen the "normal" tourist places, so we focused on places tourists were less likely to visit.

For starters, the tram to Roosevelt Island:

Baby geese, how cute!

This appears to be a feral cat colony.  The sign caught my attention - "Please do not annoy, torment, bother, heckle, molest, harass, disquiet, plague, beset, bullyrag, nettle, tantalize, or ruffle the animals"

Sadly, we were too early to get in to see the big head of Franklin (D. Roosevelt), and we were hungry for Ess-a-Bagel, and we had a full agenda, so we headed back amid the gorgeous flowering trees:

John came across this "classic" in a window:

After breakfast we visited Ripley's Believe It or Not - lots of interesting and funny and unexpected items.  The World Trade Center complex built out of matches, for example:

Magic tricks:

A ship made from jade:

Heads in storage - wait, that one is moving!

We've come to help with the Godzilla problem:

Our niece's restaurant:

At MoMA, where we found a flower to send to our moms for Mother's Day:

I'm on the map:

There is a collection of old computer-related things at MoMA, including something familiar to me from previous jobs:

A quick look through the permanent collection - I found a painting that I like a lot for some reason:

We love NY!  :)

Wandering around NYU, we came across a statue of Mr. LaGuardia:

View of downtown and the new World Trade Center building, from the Brooklyn Bridge:

It was way crowded on the bridge, not an optimal time to experience it but it helped me appreciate that we were doing mostly non-tourist things otherwise:

Happy Mother's Day!

Little Italy for supper = yum!

A couple views of the Highline Trail:

Love the artwork along here:

Except we're not sure what this is:

One final stop for the day - M&M's World!

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