Thursday, September 4, 2014

Harney Peak - SD highpoint

Another chance at a state high point!  I had been to the top of South Dakota as a youth, now I would get to experience it again with John.

What a lovely, wide trail up from Sylvan Lake:

Nice bench:

The rock formations in this area were constantly amazing to us:

Not quite sure why I took this shot...

Harney Peak from a distance:

Permitted to proceed:

Uh oh, I found raspberries!  Oodles and oodles of raspberries! And so delicious!  My focus immediately changed, our summit bid temporarily forgotten...

John picked a handful for me, trying to tempt me into following him in the forward direction:

I did eventually tear myself away.  Boy, were they good.

The stairs up through the rocks to the top:

We ran into someone we know!  Hi Erin, orienteer extraordinaire!  We met her in France and haven't seen her in several years.  Luckily she stopped and recognized us and we got to chat for a few minutes.

A wonderful CCC-built summit building that used to function as a fire tower.  We really like the top of this high point, one of the best we've found so far:

Views from the top:

Another great staircase made of stone:

And more views:

Ta da!

Required selfie:

Yep, it's a good one:

A few more pictures on our highpoints webpage:

We continued a loop around to see the Cathedral Spires:

Also the top of Little Devil's Tower:

Looking back at Harney Peak:

And a final shot of Sylvan Lake at the bottom - lovely!

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