Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Badlands of South Dakota

Last post from South Dakota!  We sure did enjoy our days sightseeing in the Black Hills.

Also in the Badlands - totally worth the drive to the east.  So many interesting formations and a few fun trails to explore.

I'll just let some of these pictures speak for themselves (is that lazy blogging or did I manage some particularly good pictures for once?):

"Back side of the head" selfie (this one apparently does not speak for itself):

Tug enjoying our drive through the park:

Bighorn sheep to round out the amazing Badlands tour:

And to round out the day - Wall Drug!  It's the kind of thing you HAVE to do if you are anywhere close.  Not sure why, it just is.

One of the odder exhibits (put in some money and it sings "Alley Oop"):

Fun place, excellent coffee, and much bigger than I remember:

Well, that's it for South Dakota (for now)!  It was great fun, we're glad we could spend some time there.

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