Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Post-rogaine fun with friends

We had a lot of fun hanging out with Kip and the Bogles in South Dakota after the rogaine!

First priority = a visit to Crazy Horse:

Sometimes we are actually coordinated:

The model for the future sculpture on the mountain (someday!).  We are wondering what will be finished first, Crazy Horse or the Sagrada Familia (which had a considerable head start).

A pretty "nature gate":

Next stop = an alpine slide :)

Another photo from the bottom (it was too much fun while riding to even contemplate taking a picture):

John finally let loose - first time he has beaten me!

Something of a group photo:

The Bogles found a swimming hole for some cooling off:

Go Bogles!

Another nice jump into the water:

And finally, a tour of the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs:

The density of mammoth bones in one small area is amazing:

That's a pretty big leg bone:

Finishing up the tour, listening to our guide via phone:

Checking out the lab:

The Great Pumpkin??

Thanks for a fun couple of days, y'all!

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