Friday, September 5, 2014

Woodcarving Museum and Custer SP

I'm having fun reliving some of the things we did a couple weeks ago in South Dakota.

The Woodcarving Museum near Custer reminded me of Dad.  Very creative woodcarvings, many with mechanical moving parts.  Totally worth the entry fee.

For example:

Many little details to look for while listening to the characters speak and watching them move:

And the humor is lots of fun:

So many little gems!

We did a longer drive through Custer State Park, including the Needles Highway.  The Needles Eye, made of granite:

The lower part of the Eye, with our truck parked at the base:

Another great tunnel, this time in the morning without much traffic:

Whatcha doin' down there?

View from John:

Climbing around on the rocks, I remember we always enjoyed doing that when we were kids.

Another view of the Cathedral Spires:

Buffalo!  Custer SP is home to over 900 buffalo, and we were excited to see some of them hanging out near the road.  It would be interesting to watch the fall roundup some year.

Wallowing in the mud:

One of several pronghorns we spotted:

This guy seemed a little out of place, but he walked with a sense of purpose:

The southern terminus of the Centennial Trail - brings back memories from the Black Hills 100 race earlier this year (although we didn't get quite this far south during the race):

Excellent bicycle sculpture, close to the Mickelson bike trail:

So much to see and I'm still not done with South Dakota blog posts!

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