Thursday, June 4, 2015

Camping hike near Kanab

Now for something a little different.  It has been a while since we did any backpacking, mostly while we lived in Europe.  I'm more used to staying on the move while on the trail, so stopping for the night is a bit of a foreign concept to me.  This summer we're doing some training with heavier packs, and overnight camping seems to fit into that idea.

As practice run, we loaded up and walked out of our RV park to find a place in the hills to spend the night:

More pretty desert flowers:

Overlooking Kanab, another nice afternoon:

Vermillion Cliffs, love the colors around here:

Fun trail heading up to the top of the plateau:

Go that way:

When I posed for this, I wasn't thinking the caption might be "That's my butt":

Yes, I'm still taking pictures...

The ATV trail on top, quite sandy but the trail network made it easy to explore the area:

Checking out the canyons:

Camp cooking while John goes for his daily run (red beans and rice, that was pretty good actually):

Hey, we timed it with a full moon, what do you know.

We were too busy setting up camp and cooking dinner, so I forgot to get a photo of our tent before it got dark.  Oh well, we had a tent and slept in it.  Everything went well.

First flower of the early morning:

The moon on the other side of the sky:

Looking over at Tom's Canyon on the way back:

Stopping to smell the flowers:

Breaking into a bottle of Lemonade Mountain Dew that John found, in order to empty it and carry it out.  Using a multi-tool on a piece of trash somehow struck me as photo-worthy:

Good morning Kanab!

So we made it back in time for the lottery for The Wave, but still no luck with that.  Ah well, we tried!  Our days around Kanab were enjoyable in any case.  Now we just have to come back another time!

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