Monday, June 1, 2015

Grand Teton NP

We had time on the way back from Yellowstone for a stopover at the Grand Teton National Park.  Glad we did - the mountains sure are stunning.

Views from a walk at Colter Bay:

Looking across Jackson Lake at the mountains:

Oxbow Bend was a great place for wildlife viewing, including seeing some river otters!  Also white pelicans and other interesting birds.  And another great look at the mountains (those were easier to photograph than the animals), including Mount Moran:

Another look at Oxbow Bend:

More staring at the mountains, this time across a field of sage:

Elk tracks in the sidewalk?

A pretty valley across Jenny Lake, would be fun to come back and do some hiking here:

Finally a view of Grand Teton itself!  We didn't get that far south the first afternoon, rain clouds thwarted us the next day, but on our final morning we saw this during our drive south:

Yay for GTNP!

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