Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Up high in CO - above Berthoud Pass

We're excited to be visiting Denver and the people we know there!  Thank you to Danny and Eric for hosting us at the cabin in the mountains.  Thank you to Ryan and Kelly for setting up an excellent hike last weekend.  We enjoyed climbing up high and getting great views!

Berthoud Pass was a nice place to start.  From there you walk up a couple road switchbacks toward the trail:

Kelly at the trailhead - and hey, we're on the CDT again!

I think we're getting the hang of the CDT:

Nice selfie by Ryan as we cross a snowfield (duck!):

First view down the east side of the Divide:

John and Danny are moving well too, and the trail was in great condition:

Danny's selfie at the same spot:

Ryan and the amazing snow-capped peaks to the west:

Looking down from the top of Mount Flora at the beautiful Ethel Lake (just starting to melt out):

Ryan, Kelly, and I followed the Divide a bit further, not so much a trail but a wide ridge covered by a bunch of rocks:

And snowfields (with Ryan in the distance):

Looking north along the Divide:

And starting back, more excellent views of the mountains.  Colorado is truly gorgeous.

We met up with John and Danny - Danny did great climbing up to over 13,000 feet!  I followed them back up to the top of Mount Flora:

Mr. Marmot hanging out at the top:

Checking out the ridges and various 13ers:

John and Danny overlooking Ethel Lake:

A great day to be outside with friends!

A couple of "posers" (John having difficulties with his normal pose while carrying a heavy pack):

Slightly blurry timer shot:

Checking out the switchbacks in the road below:

We had already seen one snow/rock avalanche on the steep slope above Ethel Lake (very cool!).  The guys thought we should stay and watch another bit of cornice fall in the afternoon sun.  No luck for these Avalanche Anticipators:

There actually is a trail through here, but it made for a fun picture that Danny took from above the snowfield:

Heading down, back to the car:

What an enjoyable day up high!

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