Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coral Pink Sand Dunes and dinosaurs

Next up - southern Utah!  Kanab is a decent home base for exploring the area and participating in the daily lottery for The Wave.  One more lottery day for us, so it's unlikely we'll get it, but we are enjoying seeing other things in the area while we're here

We spent an afternoon at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes state park, an excellent place to see something new.

Like pretty pink sand dunes:

Wandering around with shoes off:

Other creature tracks, plenty to try to ID (we kind of suck at that):

Yucca and a clear blue sky:

Checking out the path around the dunes:

There are even some flowers growing in the sand.

It was worth the trek up to the top of one of the higher dunes:

Especially for the run down the other side!  You can't really see in this photo, but there are plenty of ATV tracks in the sand.  Looks like a really fun place for some off-roading.  Also "dune boarding," pretty funny.  For us, we would make due with running fast down the hill:

A study in per-speck-tive - John is the "speck" in the upper left as I'm about to run down:

One of our stranger timer pictures - it's not easy finding a place to set the camera down around here:

Just a little way down the road we were told about a nice hike to see dinosaur tracks.  We had no idea we would also find our own "Wave"  :)  Hi John!

Finding the tracks kept us amused - here's a big one (along with the very-helpful photo to verify that we were actually looking at the right thing):

Another good find:

Little bitty tracks:

Imagine the size of that dinosaur:

And one more:

Walking in the steps of giants:

It's a gorgeous spot, worth the 2 mile trek along a sandy road to get there:

A rock formation worthy of the Beehive State:

I leave you with this image.  You're welcome.

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