Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fun on Lake McDonald

Another day of excellent weather at Glacier NP, so we took advantage of it by renting several items at Lake McDonald.  Between the blue lake and the blue sky (and Bob's blue shirt), it was quite a colorful day!

Heading out on our little motorboat, loving the beautiful lake with mountains in the background:

John at the "wheel," puttering away from the beach:

Looks like someone is on vacation:

We cut the engine when we spotted a bald eagle - awesome!  We watched it for a while before it flew away.  Then around the corner we saw the nest it was guarding, just not as easy to get a photo of that.  Eagles are cool.

Calm lake on a pretty day:

John jumped in for a cool dip in the water:

One of our funnier selfies!

Bob's version of a group selfie, much better framing:

Come fly away...

Or ride your horse away...

We traded the boat for a couple paddleboards and played around with a bit of stand-up paddling.  Here I'm gliding past as Kathy poses for a picture, kind of a photo bomb in slow motion:

We tried a bit of yoga on the boards and I was surprised to be able to do several poses.  As long as I had two feet on the board it seemed to work OK.  Not sure yet how to do a single-leg pose without falling in.

John taking a SUP turn:

Bob starting out, with John closing in:

And... not quite a collision but it was fun to watch them messing around:

We also visited a fun park with several activities including go-carts.  I had a slow car (that's my excuse, anyway) so I amused myself by taking pictures on the go:

Hi Bob!  He looks pretty happy:

John and I tried the giant maze (complete with 4 towers to visit, stairs and overhead walkways, and easy plus hard exit options).  We decided to stick together to try to figure it out, which is probably good so Kathy and Bob wouldn't have to wait quite as long.

One of several Far Side postings we found within the maze, as far as I know just for grins:

It was fun!  And longer than expected, but we made it to all the towers and out the hard exit eventually.  Fun exercise and well-created maze:

Another excellent day with friends!

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