Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Marcy's hikes in Glacier, part 1

Here's a photo-journey in 2 parts of my time on the trails of Glacier NP while John was away doing trail work.

A deer and 2 fawns on the trail up to Snyder Lake.  They weren't in a hurry to leave, but eventually the "point the camera at it" trick worked and they moseyed off.  Love the baby animals!

Snyder Lake on a rainy, cloudy day.

Lacking much else of interest to take a picture of...

OK, this next set is better.  I took the shuttle bus up to Logan Pass and jumped out to check out the Highline Trail.  It's a good one.

Nice scenery at Logan Pass (top of Going-to-the-Sun road):

Fun start to the trail, including cables for anyone not quite comfortable with the ledge (the garden hose covering the cable was something I hadn't seen before):

Looking back at Logan Pass, noticing how hazy it was.  Apparently forest fires from the west coast were affecting the air quality in Glacier.  Glad Kathy and Bob had clear blue skies while they were here.

Looking ahead at more of the trail across the side of the mountain:

A view across the field and down to the road:

Beautiful mountains in the distant, through the haze:

More pretty mountain scenery:

Mountain goat mama and baby!

The little one posed for us, just so cute!!

Down toward the valley where the road came from:

Another section of fun trail under a cliff band:

I took the short but steep side trail up toward a saddle and overlook:

The final approach toward the saddle...

What a view on the other side!  This is Grinnell Glacier (on the right) and Upper Grinnell Lake, accessible by trail from Many Glacier.  Also a feature to the upper left of the lake called "Angel Wing":

Mr. Marmot hanging out with the folks who were sitting and silently taking it all in.  He was probably hoping for a share of someone's lunch.  Please don't feed the animals.

Granite Park Chalet on the near horizon:

And the trail leading to the chalet:

John helped me figure out that this is probably a grouse (just off the left side of the path, next to the little tree).  It was just meandering down the trail until, again, I got out the camera.  Then - vamanos!

Pretty flowers on the way down the Loop Trail:

In the Apgar parking lot, check out the Caution sticker:

Next up - one last post from Glacier!

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