Saturday, September 17, 2016

Driving north and Devils Marbles

Back on our own after the rogaine, ready for some driving.  And more driving.  When road signs think nothing of giving distances in 1000+ kilometers at a time, you know it's a big empty part of the country.

Thank goodness for the roadhouses along the way.  Gas, food, many times a campground and/or a motel.  And sometimes fun distractions (although we never saw a bar fight).

For example, some art in Aileron:

Neat representation of a raptor (maybe one of those large wedge-tailed eagles we saw):

Huge statue on the skyline:

And another up on the hill:

John was pretty excited to see a "no speed limit" sign for part of the way.  Not that he was interested in driving fast, but this was one part of the country where we didn't have to worry about getting an email from Jucy that we had a speed limit violation.  Not that we'd know anything about that... let's just say we had been driving with a more careful eye on the speed limit signs recently.  So this was a nice little bonus:

The mysterious UFO invasion at Wycliffe Well:

Jucy and the aliens:

Funny sign on the restroom door at Wycliffe Well:

Devils Marbles time!  We had been looking forward to seeing these rocks since I spotted the curious name on the map way back when.  So far any natural formation with "Devil" in its name has been worth a stop.

No exception here - huge round rocks, some balancing on top of others in various angles:

Chatty chat chat:

Pretty white tree with red rocks and a blue sky and green grass tufts:

More stacks of rocks and another gorgeous tree:

Really enjoyed our walk around the park:

One more fascinating sight for the day - giant termite mounds!  We saw them everywhere in our drive across to Queensland, so strange.  Turns out they are super solid, not something you can just kick and watch it turn to dust.  I only regret not stopping for a photo of the ones along the highway that people had added clothing to like dress-up dolls...

Up next - more driving, of course  :)

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