Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kurrimine Beach to Bowen murals

We spent a relaxing afternoon at Kurrimine Beach, in between the tours at Paronella Park.  The beach is billed as a place where the tide goes way out so you could walk a kilometer out to a reef if you wanted.  That would surely be something!

Watching as the ocean slowly slides away... and pelicans show up:

A lovely spot to relax and sit for a while:

Yes, the water did get fairly far away from shore, but not a whole kilometer away.  Turns out you have to wade to get out to the reef.  We watched a couple people doing just that (nice having binoculars with us).  They got to waist deep, trudging slowly away until they could stand on rocks way out there.  Pretty cool.  But not something I was quite prepared to do.  Maybe another time!

John enjoyed another barefoot run on the beach:

A snail wandering in the shallow water:

Other shells with living creatures inside:

Starfish, nice!

I'm quite pleased with the close-up low shot I got here:

A farm stand where we stopped for bananas - love the honor system stands (saw many in Hawaii too):

The plants the bananas came from (as seen from a moving Jucy):

The day after our Paronella overnight we were back on our way south.  We stopped at an overlook for a very pretty view of Hinchinbrook Island:

An adorable little sugar cane train crossing the road:

Bridge with interesting shapes:

Well, here's a new one in the "giant roadside objects" department - a large mango in the town of Bowen:

Another low tidal afternoon, this time from the Bowen shoreline (and no reason to wander out there):

We did wander around the little town, doing a run with the camera.  Bowen has a claim as the mural capital of Australia, or maybe at least North Queensland.  So we figured we should check it out:

Part one of a history mural:

And the other half:

Some fancy ladies:


We heard and read a lot of new (to us) words during our trip, but I'm guessing "sulkies" is no longer used much even in Australia:

Policing in Queensland:

Not bad, Bowen.  A nice diversion to break up the drive, in any case.

Finishing the run by heading out on the pier:

And then eating some mango sorbet - pretty good, Bowen, thanks!

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