Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kata Tjuta trek

Near Uluru there is a another set of large rocks, the lesser-known Kata Tjuta.  Another beautiful day, another fun trail to run.

Jucy at Kata Tjuta:

John leading the way up the trail toward Valley of the Winds:

Lots of interesting shapes that change as you move through the rocks and see everything at different angles:

Bit of flowing water in the middle of the desert:

More views, or "a reason to stop running for a moment to take a photo":

Hi John!

Heading up the canyon section, very cool:

Kata Tjuta differs from Uluru in that it's made of conglomerate rock instead of smooth sandstone.  This made the trail here much more rocky, it was interesting noting the difference.

Also worth noting was a large conglomerate boulder in the bush:

Nicely-made stone stairs:

Fun shot of the shadows on the sides of the canyon:

Looking in the other direction - and I'm sure these views/shadows change a lot in the course of a day.  Also seems like a good time to point out how weird it was to have the sun in the northern part of the sky.

Another example of the conglomerate nature of Kata Tjuta:

Fun trail through a tree:

Tall walls along Walpa Gorge:

Finishing our walk through the gorge:

Lovely hills, with a moon just up on the right side:

More information about spinifex, the "bush superglue" - maybe we can use it to glue our shoes back together during the rogaine... after tearing them up walking through spinifex thorns.

Playing around with a selfie on the walk back to the Jucy - a nice finish to a lovely day:

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