Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowshoeing at Thacher SP

I spent several hours yesterday on snowshoes in Thacher State Park. Nice new snow on some nice trails = fun!

Pretty creeks in the woods. Last time I was here I forgot to bring the camera, so I missed the chance to show you the waterfalls in this park (and now the lower cliff trail is closed so I can't get a good vantage point). I'll have to make up for that come springtime.

A bit of a marsh with cattails:

Snowy trails and snowy trees - pretty!

OK, how in the world did a bowling ball bag get up in this tree in the middle of nowhere? And why?

Gorgeous little cascades (and falling in would be very bad):

Scenery from the top of the cliff band:

The wind was whipping across the fields of white:

Fun in the snow!

Picnic, anyone?

By the end of the tour, I was really getting into the "playing in the snow" aspect, looking for deeper snow to plow through. Especially on the downhills. Gotta make the most of it - it's not every weekend I have a chance like this! Next course of action = purchase some racing snowshoes :)

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