Monday, January 3, 2011

Tour of the Albany Capitol

Today was my New Year's holiday day off, and we're still living downtown (for now), so we decided to explore some of Albany this weekend. Yesterday we spent time at the Albany Institute of History and Art (quite interesting) and sampled some Lark Street fare (yummy). Today we took a tour of the Albany Capitol Building. It's very different from Austin's, like all the architecture around here.

Hanging out in the Senate chamber listening to our tour guide:

The ornate Senate chamber that cost oodles of dollars to build:

Neat elevator doors:

The Million-Dollar Staircase hand-carved of Scottish sandstone:

The assembly chamber with yellow lighting and decorating:

A neat surprise - we happened to be near the Hall of Governors when new governor Andrew Cuomo stepped out to hold a press conference. We could sneak a peak (and non-flash photo) from the stairway above:

We didn't know much about Mr. Cuomo before we moved here, but so far I'm impressed.

Looks like it's recycling day:

View from the observation deck of the Corning Tower:

The Capitol (the castle-looking building), other government buildings, and the top of the Egg:



John with his sweet potato torch:

It has been a fun two weeks with John here!

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