Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend in DC!

I had an awesomely fun time visiting my friends Kathy and Bob in Maryland/DC last weekend. Thank you both!

First up: Friday night pizza-making experience (apparently previous versions were more of an experiment - but it looks like the system is pretty well debugged). Here's Bob tossing the dough, and although we tried multiple times to get a picture of the dough in the air, my camera isn't even close to being predictable enough to make that work:

(Fake caption): Hmm, I wonder how we'll get that down off the ceiling...

The finished product - absolutely yummy!

Saturday we went into town for some museum hopping. One of my better selfies ever (except for the fact that the background - the Capitol - is hardly visible):

The American Indian museum and its fun architecture:

Hanging out with some older folks:

A fabulous glass sculpture:

The performance space in the middle, along with some people setting up for MLK weekend jam sessions:

Artful posing:

More artful posing - this time at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Museum:

A nice dose of Rodin:

At least Bob kept his head on his shoulders - and his clothes on :)


Almost-transparent Bob:

Not sure what our photographer was doing here, but it's a fun shot:

Across the Mall near the skating rink - Bob calls this the Q*Bert sculpture:

We wandered through the Botanical Gardens - welcome to the indoor jungle:

A hanging, sprouting log?

Playful reindeer:

On Sunday they dropped me off in Bethesda so I could run on the rails-to-trails path in the woods and eventually along the Potomac to Georgetown. Very nice! And not as cold as in Albany, that was a pleasant change. We had a delicious lunch at Leopold's Kafe and spent some time in Dumbarton Oaks museum.

All-in-all, a wonderful mini-vacation weekend that I thoroughly enjoyed! Next time hopefully John can join us too.

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