Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rappel and packrafts and stuff

One last trip up to Sink's Canyon, and it didn't take much convincing to get John to set up a rope so I could do a practice rappel.

A pretty place on a pretty day:

View across the valley:

Heading up the crack between the rocks (with a belay from John):

Thanks John!

Dropping a rope:

Yep, this seems familiar, and I was quite happy not to be dealing with ascenders for this race:

One more trail run, still trying to figure out where we might rappel during the race.  The nice North Slope Trail into the trees:

I found a rock climbing site that seemed like a good candidate for our race rappel spot (wrong again).  As I was walking up there, this snake dropped from a tree onto the ground - yes, a snake from the sky:

View from the top of that particular rock:

Getting my paddling gear in order.  Love my new Sea to Summit dry bag (thanks Leslie!).  Wore the knee pads on the Snake River but didn't really need them.  Swapped the bailer for a Nalgene bottle and sponge.

More tweaks to the bike box, I think this is getting close to the final product:

Well, we finally had to leave Lander and drive over to Casper.  Back to the big open prairie.  Also a nice look at the new bike rack John created for the back of our trailer (thanks to help from Randall!):

Prairie lizard:

Central Wyoming does have some neat rock features, including some that were landmarks for the emigrants moving west on the Oregon and other trails:

We picked up the rented packrafts and took them out in the RV park to set them up:

They even came with the little skeg:

Ready to inflate:

Demonstrating how I tend to packraft:

Pretending to be Dave:

Checking out the storage space inside the middle tube, and I can't even remember the real name for that thing because we all started calling it "the sausage" and now that's its official name:

Ready for takeoff:

Adding some clips to tie in the packs, the bailer, and a sponge:

Well, I think I'm getting closer to being ready!  Oh yeah, I still have a bunch of stuff to do... this expedition race prep sure is a lot of work!

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