Saturday, June 21, 2008

Big Sky time (2)

I just discovered that I don't have the camera USB cable with me in the truck, which is good to know so I can pick it up tonight. But sad because I can't post any photos from water skills check-in yet. Nothing all that exciting, just people walking around in wet or dry suits, playing on boogie boards, and paddling around in duckies and Necky kayaks. But I did get to chat with (and photograph) teams MOAT, HART-Marmot, Werewolves of Austin, Merrill, and Nike. Along with quite a few others. We checked in most of the teams today - yay! Maybe a relatively easy day tomorrow. Then a pre-race meeting and meal. Then people try to sleep before the start of the race Monday morning. One more day of potential web access, and then I promise we'll be disconnected for a while. Or maybe we'll be lucky as we drive to various locations on the course.

It was neat seeing so many people from Texas! Go teams! :)
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