Friday, June 20, 2008

Big Sky time

We saw the Primal Quest starting line area for the first time yesterday. We went up to the Big Sky Resort to check in and let them know we exist. We ended up airing up and cleaning over 40 duckies (inflatable boats) - fun! Well, at least we felt useful. Initially we were told we would be deflating them for transport but today we found out that they might move the boats to the river as-is. That would be a bonus :)

Today we started with a couple volunteer meetings, heard about bears and moose, and briefly met with Josh, the water director. We were actually given a couple hours to ourselves in the middle of the day, so we jumped at the chance to go for a run. Who knows when that will happen again, gotta take it when you can get it. In a few minutes we're going to help set up the area where we are doing water skills testing this weekend. We're told the water in the pond at the resort is a balmy 47 degrees, as opposed to 41 degrees in the river...yikes. We were also told that WE wouldn't be expected to get in that water ourselves, so that would be another bonus.

That's it from this end at the moment! No idea how much web access we'll have in the coming days, but we'll keep in touch when we can.

Good luck to all the racing teams!!
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