Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday stories

Start of the race!

We were at the resort for the start, played around with the resort webcam with Kip on the phone (cool!), and chatted with teams we know. It was foggy until 10 minutes before the start, then the sky cleared and we could see imposing Lone Mountain. Awesome.

And... go!

Oh, now I remember why I don't like trekking up ski slopes. Very steep. Teams made good time, and we were able to watch through binoculars until they got way up high on the snow ridge. This while I was pulling CP locations off the map on the web - yay, I have most of the course now. We did bug MOAT the night before about seeing their maps, but when we found out they were plotting all the points and having to deal with a Don Mann special rules-of-travel "passport", we decided we better get out of their hair.

Soon after the start it was time to head out and put up signs along the river to help teams avoid some of the bigger obstacles. No escaping the big water (for them), however.

Josh the water director wrote notes about a few teams that would be required to portage the biggest obstacle, called House Rock. Here's what he wrote about Team Werewolves: "Terrible fins, boogie boards; stubborn team, though, so may do OK if gear doesn't fail."

OK, I have a lot more to write about from today's (Tuesday's) water experiences, but I may not have time. We're about to get reassigned as TA captains. More when I get a chance!
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