Friday, June 13, 2008

We are the wanderers (sort of)

My husband and I spent 3 years in Grenoble, France. My company offered to send me there for work (we were living in Austin, TX at the time), and we jumped at the chance. It was an awesome three years and I still have oodles of photos to sort from our experiences there.

At the end of the assignment, I finagled a 1-year leave of absence so we could “do it right” and really see more parts of Europe. My brother Kip has posted a ton of photos we took during our 2006 Europe Tour, and I may add links to my travelogue emails within this blog page if I can figure out how to post them unobtrusively. Needless to say, we had a grand time and especially enjoyed Italy, Chamonix, and Scotland.

We returned to Austin so we both could get back to work, but the travel bug had bitten us but good. Instead of buying a house, we purchased a 19’ travel trailer that we have been living in for a year and a half. We named it Howie for “house on wheels.” It gives me great joy to think about having all (well, most) of our stuff with us and to be able to just drive off with it and live somewhere else at any time.

I stopped working full-time last year with the idea that we would take off and start a semi-permanent road trip around the US to see all the things in our own country that we still haven’t seen (and there are a lot of things!). Still, we have mostly been living in Austin for the past 18 months, with a nice little trip to Missouri last fall in Howie and other trips by plane to Vermont and Hawaii to provide more-than-ample excitement. Finally this summer, smack in the middle of escalating gas prices, we are on an extended tour in the West.

So it seems like a good time to begin writing a blog, and maybe it will help one or two people keep track of where we are. At least until they get tired of reading my unfettered writing (and you thought my race reports were long)! Good luck and have fun, y’all!

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