Friday, June 13, 2008

Running on MT

Two completely different running experiences:

1. Yesterday evening we tried running up a trail toward Lava Lake. Not far up from the trailhead we found snow on the trail. Soon it turned into a slippery, sloppy, wet mess. We made it up to a bridge over the creek, but turned around and went back down. We finished our “run” by exploring a trail along the Gallatin River. Not sure how much of a workout we got.

2. Today we found a high school track for running mile repeats. My legs feel fine, but my lungs can’t keep up with the lowered oxygen content of this 5000-ft air. I ran about 10 seconds per mile slower than normal and suffered through 5 sets. Even my recovery lap WALKING around the track was slower than normal. Hopefully acclimation will eventually be our friend. On the bright side (literally) the sun was shining and it was over 60 degrees! Yay!

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