Friday, June 13, 2008

The World of Blog

How do you just sit down and start a blog from scratch? This is what I’m pondering this morning. I’ve never written a blog before. Something that’s available to anyone who cares to read it, but doesn’t clutter up inboxes nor announce to the world, “Here I am!” No particular event to report, just whatever I decide to write about. Unfettered writing! This should be interesting.

I’ve wondered in the past why anyone would take the time to write a blog. Why write a diary that anyone can read? Why would anyone read random musings of a stranger? Over time, I’ve started reading blogs from people who travel, people on long adventures, and a lady who used to write recaps for Survivor on Television Without Pity.

The turning point in my opinion about blogs came when I discovered Google Reader. I love Google! Now I can subscribe to a bunch of different blogs, link them all up in Google Reader, and check for new entries for all the blogs ALL AT ONE TIME. No more clicking various pages, waiting for various photos to load, and wasting time on pages with no updates. Genius!

So here I go, into the world of blog…
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