Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arches NP

Danny joined us for a fun tour of Arches National Park. Each time we go, we see more things - especially more arches - always makes us smile!

On the hike up toward Delicate Arch (a must-see)... Danny was doing great, John was barely keeping up :)

Hanging out with a great view of the arch:

There it is! We love the overlook window on the trail up to the arch.

Nice shot of Danny:

Obligatory "playing around" selfie:

Starting a hike into Devil's Garden to see arches and rock formations:

Finally! We made it to Landscape Arch:

Where Wall Arch used to be before it fell (!) a couple years ago:

Wall cairns (?):

Navajo Arch - I think this is the first one we approached from arch-level:

View from under Navajo Arch:

Partition Arch:

Danny with Medusa Hair (probably a better title than "Danny and the Deadwood"):

John and I ran the rest of the Primitive Trail to see other parts of Devil's Garden:

A raven showing the way:

Double O Arch - John had to scramble up to this one, and we got some German assistance with the photograph (thank you!):

The solo spire at the very end of the Devil's Garden formation - finally saw it up close:

Private Arch:

Another great day at Arches!

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